5 Italian Sports That You Should Definitely Know About

A lot has been said about Italy. It is known for having a city that is popular in the world, Rome. While it is known for its top tourists’ attractions, other things that will interest you to know. Sports in Italy are exceptional events. For instance, the national soccer team of Italy has taken home the World Cup title four times. This team is also ranked as the 2nd most successful teams in the history of the world.
But this does not mean that it is the only sport played in Italy. If you are interested in Italy and want to know about Italian sports, this article is for you. Read it to the end to find out more.


This sport is very widespread in Italy and it has more than 9000 recorded golf players. Some of these players are familiar faces in the golf world. If you are a golfing fan, you should know that Constantino Rocca and Francesco are Italians. There is a yearly Italian Golf Show held each February of the year. It is devoted to fans and observers. Therefore, whether you are a newcomer or professional you will encounter a 360° golf adventure you have never had before. If you are golfing fan, mark your calendar for this show.

Water sports

This is one of the water sports in Italy that you need to know. It second in popularity after football. Approximately 3.5 million individuals in Italy actively participate in water sports. Among the popular water sports is swimming. The reason is that people here can easily access swimming areas. It doesn’t matter your reason for participating in water sports, this is an awesome sport. You can engage in water skiing, surfing, sailing, diving, rowing, water polo, and water basketball.


Do you watch Formula I news on TV and wonder which country hosts this sport? Well, Italy if popular for its unending love for motorsports. There is an F1 team known as Ferrari. The team has had outstanding commercial success. It is the only team that has competed in each Formula 1 period since the start of the world championship. The best F1 driver, Alberto Ascari, comes from Italy.


Italy has taken home the World Cycling Championship several times as compared to other countries in the world. The best time to experience the cycling adventure is in May. This is when the Giro d’Italia is held. This race is known across the world and it is a long-distance that is held for three weeks.


If you thought the Italians don’t play rugby, you have to read this again. Rugby is a popular sport in Italy. Many of the fans of this game come from the Nothern part of Italy. It is over one hundred years since this game was introduced in Italy.


These are the 5 Italian sports that you should know. They are not only played in Italy but other countries as well. If you are a lover of cycling, you know which month to visit Italy – read article on national game of italy.